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Intergenerational Survey

  1. Section 1

    Understanding which services you and your family currently use?

  2. Do you or your family member(s) currently use the Council on Aging and/or Rec Center
  3. How regularly do you use the Council on Aging or Rec Buildings

    If multiple members of your family use the facilities, please answer for the most frequent user

  4. Section 2

    Your priorities and vision for a new intergenerational community center

  5. The Town of Billerica is considering a new intergenerational community center which could host a variety of different activities or programs. Some of the options for this center are below. Please rank the seven priorities below for your ideal intergenerational center by putting a number 1-7 in the blanks (1 is highest priority, 7 is lowest priority):
  6. The following list of activities and programs are all potential uses of the proposed intergenerational center. Of these, which purposes would you or your family member(s) use?
  7. Demographics
  8. Gender
  9. Age?
  10. What is your race?
  11. Are you of Hispanic or Latinx origin?
  12. In which neighborhood do you live?
  13. May we contact you to follow up on these responses? If yes, please include your name and contact information below!
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