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Unclaimed Property Claim Form

  1. Disclaimer
    Under penalties of perjury, I declare that my claim of ownership to this property is true, absolute and complete.

    I (we) have not sold, assigned, transferred, pledged this property, nor given it away nor authorized nor empowered any person or persons, corporation or association to draw any amount on same. Furthermore, I (we) understand that if any taxes or fees are due the Town of Billerica, these funds may not be released and shall be credited to the specific aforementioned in accordance with MGL Ch. 60 § 93 and Ch. 41 § 38A.
  2. Signature(s) Note
    By entering your name in the previous field(s), you are effectively signing this document and attesting to the accuracy of the contents contained herein.
  3. Notes:
    If payee of unclaimed funds is deceased, please provide evidence that claimant(s) is executor of the estate.

    Please note that we may require additional information during the review of your claim.

    If all evidence requested is not received, this claim will not be paid.
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