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Application for the Board of Appeals

    All documents shall be retained by the Board of Appeal and become the property of the Board of Appeal for their records.
  2. The following information is required to be submitted to the Board of Appeal through the Town Clerk’s Office for each application, except when noted.
  3. Two copies of the application for a public hearing bearing the signature of the applicant, or their attorney or agent, as so designated by the applicant. A letter by the attorney or agent must accompany the applicant/s stating they represent the applicant. If the applicant is a leasee on the property, he or she must submit a letter from the lessor stating he or she has no objection to the lease seeking a Special Permit and/or Variance to his/her property.
  4. Include the Denial by the Inspector of Buildings citing the section of the Zoning By-Law from which a Special Permit and/or Variance should be granted and how it varies from the present Zoning By-law.
  5. Plot plans shall be submitted with the petition/s by the petitioner. Each plan shall be prepared, stamped and signed by the following:
  6. 1.Professional Civil Engineer where there are existing and proposed building/s shown on the plan.
  7. 2. Professional Registered Land surveyor where there are only existing buildings shown on the plan.
  8. 3. Plans must be certified that it is not within the Green Engineering Flood Plain.
  9. 4. No mortgage survey plans or plot plans will be accepted with any petition.
  10. 5. Any change in structure will require plans showing existing grades and structures and finished grades and structures.
  11. 6. Only five plans are required when requesting a Variance and Special Permit.
  12. 7. Three highlighted floor plans must be submitted, with the plot plans, when applying for an In-Law Apartment. Also, include a floor plan of the existing dwelling and a drawing of the exterior of the existing proposed addition.
  13. 8. Five copies of sign description plans, when applying for sign permits.
  14. 9. The five plot plans shall have a title block on them showing the following information: who prepared the plans, date prepared, zoning district and Assessor’s Office plate and parcel number.
  15. 10. The plot plans shall show all front, side and rear setbacks on all existing and proposed buildings.
  16. 11. The plot plans shall show the dimensions of the lot and percentages of the lot covered by the existing and proposed buildings.
  17. 12. A preliminary sketch of the proposed building/s must show the size of the foundation and the height of the building/s.
  18. 13. The plan plans shall show all easements, right of ways, entrances, exits and the driveways.
  19. 14. Show all types of signs, lighting fixtures, parking areas and the required number of parking spaces on the plans.
  20. 15. Show all topographical features of the land, such as ledge, rock, peat, and all natural conditions of the water, brook, stream and rivers in relationship to this parcel.
  21. 16. A Locus Plan shall be submitted showing the distance to the nearest intersecting streets and major roadways in relation to this parcel.
  22. 17. All green strips, green space shall be colored green on the plans, when applying for relief of such Zoning By-law requirements.
  23. 18. A traffic report must be submitted with the petition, when applying for a restaurant with a drive-through window.
  24. A copy of the deed of the owner’s/applicant’s parcel showing the Registry of Deeds Book and Page numbers. Also, a copy of the Purchase and Sale Agreement, if the applicant is purchasing the parcel of land.
  25. A check for $50.00 for each residential petition, made payable to the Town of Billerica, is required at the time of application. A check for $150.00 for each non-residential petition is required at the time of application.
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