Why are wetlands important?
Apart from their aesthetic and recreational values, wetlands in their natural state perform important environmental functions that benefit the Town of Billerica. Wetlands protect water quality by trapping sediment and debris, breaking down pollutants, and absorbing excessive nutrients in water that would otherwise cause nuisance algae and plant growth. Wetlands and floodplains also act like sponges by absorbing stormwater runoff and releasing this water slowly – they essentially act as buffers and minimize and prevent flooding damage to infrastructure, roads and buildings. These functions are free! and minimize the need for extensive and expensive engineered flood management systems. Naturally forested Riverfront Areas also slow flood waters, trap sediment and debris, and provide essential travel corridors and habitat (breeding areas, protective cover, food) for wildlife.

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1. What are Wetlands?
2. Are Buffer Zones around wetlands protected?
3. Why are wetlands important?
4. How can Billerica residents help?
5. How do I find out if wetlands exist on my property?
6. When do I need a permit?
7. What is the application process?
8. Can I cut down trees?
9. How do I close out my wetlands permit/apply for a Certificate of Compliance (COC)?
10. How can I find out if there are any wetlands-related setbacks or restrictions associated with the property?
11. Where can I find information about Billerica’s open space, conservation and recreation lands in Billerica?