How do I find out about the activities at the Senior Center?
Our activities and services are listed in The Outlook newsletter. A subscription costs $5.00 a year and the newsletter is published, monthly. To subscribe, contact the Senior Center at 978-671-0916. We post our activities on Billerica Access TV’s Community Events calendar and in the Billerica Minuteman newspaper.

You can also view The Outlook on the Town of Billerica’s website on the Council on Aging’s page. Or find us using social media by going to the Billerica Council on Aging’s Facebook Page, Twitter account @Billericacoa or, find us on for the Town of Billerica. is a free, private social network for your neighborhood community and go to Billerica Council on Aging.

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5. How do I find out about the activities at the Senior Center?
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