Domestic violence is impacting myself or my family. Who can I call?

Help is available!

Billerica Police Department

The Billerica Police Department offers protection and support for domestic violence situations. Call 911 or check your rights online at'

Behavioral Health Unit

Billerica Police Department participates in a regional police mental health collaborative, the Behavioral Health Unit. All Billerica residents can access the following crisis services through Frontline:

  • Teletherapy
  • Phone Follow-up
  • Individual and Group recovery services
  • Case management/Referral Services
  • Access to crisis care
  • General support

To speak to a Behavioral Health Unit clinician, call the police Community Line at: 

(978) 215-9642 

The following outside organizations offer confidential guidance and support for domestic violence situations:

Safelink is a statewide toll-free confidential domestic violence hotline:

(877) 785-2020  

Reach Beyond Domestic Violence provides emergency shelter, supportive services, and advocacy for individuals and families experiencing domestic violence. Confidential helpline: 

 (800) 899-4000  

Alternative House provides services including court accompaniment, emergency shelters, relocation services, housing search, and financial support. 
Confidential Helpline:

(888) 291-6228

Saheli provides culturally sensitive supportive services for South Asian and Middle Eastern individuals and families who are experiencing domestic violence. Confidential helpline:

(866) 4SAHELI (866-472-4354)

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