Utility bills are getting more expensive. What are my options for assistance?

Alternative Electric Supply  

Community Choice Energy Program

Municipal Aggregation allows local government to combine the purchasing power of its residents so that it can provide them with an alternative electricity supply. Municipal Aggregation is a valuable service that residents and small businesses look for from their local governments. It has proven to be the most effective way to help small consumers manage their electricity bills, and has received overwhelming support wherever it’s implemented.

Click here to apply online. 

Utility Assistance Programs

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance program (LIHEAP) 

LIHEAP, or Fuel Assistance, pays a portion of heating costs for eligible homeowners and renters. LIHEAP eligible households may also qualify for assistance with weatherization, water bills, and heating system repair. Click here to apply online with Community Teamwork.  You will need to create an account in order to apply online. 

The Community Services Coordinator can assist residents to apply for LIHEAP. Contact for an appointment, (978) 215-1903 or by email

Good Neighbor Energy Fund

The Massachusetts Good Neighbor Energy Fund assists households with too much income to qualify for LIHEAP. Click here to check eligibility.  Residents can apply for the Good Neighbor Fund by contacting the Salvation Army Lowell Corps at:

(978) 458-3396

 New! The Community Services Coordinator can now assist residents in applying for the Good Neighbor Energy Fund. Contact for an appointment,         (978) 215-1903 or by email

National Grid

National Grid offers several programs to help consumers manage their energy bills. Click here to learn more.

(800)-322-3223 (electric)

(800)-233-5325 (gas) 

Additional utility assistance programs

For additional programs, contact the Billerica Community Services Coordinator:

(978) 215-1903 or by email. 

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