How do I close out my wetlands permit/apply for a Certificate of Compliance (COC)?
Applicant’s may request a Certificate of Compliance once all work outlined in the project’s Order of Conditions has been completed and all exposed areas are permanently stabilized.

The last page of the Order of Conditions typically provides an outline of the requirements and process. The applicant must submit a WPA Form 8A Request for Certificate of Compliance accompanied by a current As-Built Plan(s) that are stamped and signed by a Professional Civil Engineer (P.E) or a Registered Land Surveyor (R.L.S). A written statement from a P.E. or R.L.S certifying that the work was completed as shown on the plan(s) must also be submitted as part of the packet.

Upon receipt of a complete packet, Conservation staff will perform a final site inspection to determine compliance. After the inspection, the Request will be placed on the next scheduled meeting. Once approved by the Conservation Commission, the COC must be recorded at the Northern Middlesex Registry of Deeds to remove the encumbrance or “cloud” on the property title.

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