When do I need a permit?
In general, construction, earth disturbing activities, drainage altering activities and removal of vegetation (cutting trees or shrubs) will require a wetlands permit when proposed within the 100-year floodplain, 200-feet of a perennial (year round) river or stream, and/or within 100-feet of any other wetland.

Regulated activities include:

  • Constructing new or expanding existing structures (additions, etc.)

  • Grading, excavating, filling (paving)

  • Certain landscaping, reconstructing lawns, cutting or clearing vegetation

  • Changing stormwater discharge

  • Installing or replacing a septic system

  • or any other activity that might alter wetlands or their buffer zones

Property owners and developers are encouraged to contact the Conservation Department at (978) 671-0966 during the early planning stages of a project. We are ready to answer your questions and help guide you through the potential next steps.

Do not assume your contractor will pull all the necessary permits. Landowners are responsible for any work and activity that occurs on his/her property. Before you hire a tree company, landscaper, or a contractor call the Conservation Department to determine if you need a permit.

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