Are marriage intentions taken in the Town Clerk's Office ?

Yes, marriage intentions taken in the Town Clerk’s Office 8:30AM-3:30PM

  • $20.00 filing fee and $10.00 per certified copy after marriage
  • Both parties must be present with a certified copy of Birth Certificate or Passport

There is a three-day waiting period before picking up the “Certificate of Marriage”. Both parties do not need to be present to pick-up the license. If wedding is performed by an officiant other than a clergy or Justice of the Peace, the person performing the service needs to get a Certificate from the Secretary of State’s office to be a “One Day Solemnizer”. More information on this is available at the Secretary of State’s website below. We can supply a list of the local Justices of the Peace if needed. Wherever the couple applies for the Marriage License, that is where they will always get a certified copy, it doesn’t move around with you.

Secretary of State's website

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