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Sep 27

09-25-2017 BOS Meeting Update

Posted on September 27, 2017 at 2:21 PM by Clancy Main

09-25-2017 Board of Selectmen                   
 Call To Order
 1. Open Microphone
 2 Vacancies on Boards and Committees
 3. All other announcements may be views on the Town of Billerica Website - Selectmen's Page
 4. Billerica Access Television 30th Anniversary
5. LRTA Transportation Update Al Ramos and Jean Bushnell gave an update on the LRTA services.
6. September 11, 2017 - The minutes were approved as amended.
 Old Business
 7. Town Manager Report
 8. Open Mic Policy - Second Reading - The policy was approved as attached.
 9. Warrant Articles - Final articles were inserted into the warrant. The Final Warrant is available on the website.
 New Business
 10. CPA Budget - Article 36 Fiscal Year 2018 - The Board voted to support the article.
11. Tilted Kilt Extension of Hours - The Board voted to approve the extension of hours.
 12. Dudley Road - Traffic Management Committee - The Board voted to approve the recommendations of the TMC.
 13. Billerica Public Library - Permission to Host 2nd Annual Reader Run 5K - The Board approved the request.
 14. Billerica Public Library - Request for a One (1) Day All Alcohol License - The Board approved the request.
 15. Substance Abuse Prevention - Permission to Host a vigil on the Town Common - The request was approved by the Board.
 16. Mailboxes within Sidewalks - Safety Concerns - The Town will look into the regulations regarding proximity to sidewalks.
 17. North Billerica Baptist Church - Request for signs on the Common - The Board approved the request.
 18. Billerica Partners for Education - Permission to Host the Turkey Trot 5K and to place signs On the Town Common - Request approved.
 19. 26 Nile Street - Town's right of first refusal - The BOS voted to grant their right of first refusal.
 20. Billerica Access Television - Request to place signs on the Common - The Board approved the request.
 21. Amazon Vote in Support of RFP Process for Amazon to Come to Billerica - The Board voted to support the RFP.
 Meeting Schedule
 October 2nd and 30th October 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 2017 (Prior to Town Meeting if necessary)


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