Vining Field

December 2023

The Town is working with Leftfield, the project management team and Warner Larson, the Landscape Architects, for this project. The goal is to update the field to a 50/70 for Little League. We are hopeful to get a contractor on board in March 2023 to start the submittals, especially for items with long lead times like Musco light poles. Construction won’t start until August 2023 therefore Softball league can use the fields for this upcoming season with no interruption.

January 2023

This project is in design phase. Geotechnical borings have been completed and the geotechnical report was submitted to the design team. The site survey plans are being drafted and once they are available, they will be sent to the design team. Warner Larson is waiting for the report and survey plans to start the design work for the Vining Field.