Buck Auditorium

Anybody who has been in the Buck Auditorium knows that it could use a touchup. It is one of the main public spaces in the building and is the last to be done over. 

 The paint is peeling and the windows are dirty. The acoustics aren't great and the stage is rarely used. This space has evolved over the past forty years and is now mainly used for meetings and more specifically Town Meeting. The $400,000 would be used to give the space an update. The Town would also aim to keep the historic feel of the room. buck

One of the toughest parts of the auditorium for maintenance is access. Currently to fix a light or paint you would need bring in scaffolding.

This room also abuts 110 and could allow us to make that room more friendly as well. This project will take sometime and would need to be done strategically after a Town Meeting as to not interfere.