Billerica Youth Advisory Committee

Welcome to the home of the Billerica Youth Advisory Committee!

The Billerica Youth Advisory Committee is an appointed Subcommittee of the Select Board. Consisting of 9 Regular Members and 2 Alternate Members, all between the ages of 14-18, the BYAC promotes youth sentiment and connects youth with their local government.

Sean Furbush - Founder/Chairman - 

Thomas Postell - Founder/Vice Chairman - 

James Mahoney - Secretary - 

John LaFauci - Regular Member - 

Morgan Jones - Regular Member - 

Miranda Hodgkins - Regular Member - 

Emily Penny - Regular Member - 

Christina Hansford - Regular Member - 

Sylvie Revely - Regular Member -

Grace Carter - Alternate Member - 

Sophie Monis - Alternate Member - 

Meet the Members!

Billerica Youth Adv. Committee consists of 11 members, 2 alternate, and 9 regular members. We would like to meet the 11 youth representatives on our Town Government.