Police Chief Announcement!

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I announce the appointment of Roy W. Frost to the position of Police Chief
for the Town of Billerica. Roy will undoubtedly have some big shoes to fill but he will start off with a solid foundation
of professionalism that has been established by the long and successful tenure of former Chief Daniel Rosa. Roy Frost
will be sworn-in on December 21, 2021. His ceremonial swearing-in will be scheduled in January.

Deputy Frost has played a significant role in implementing 21st Century Policing concepts to the Department as the
Deputy Chief for over eight years. In his capacity as Deputy Chief, he has overseen the day-to-day police operations,
conducted internal affairs investigations, managed many high-profile cases, and worked with the District Attorney’s
Office to ensure that the end work product would result in justice being served. Roy has also served as the Public
Information Officer for the Department.

Deputy Frost has been instrumental in establishing the Police Mental Health Collaborative and jail diversion program
for the Town of Billerica. This is a program that recognizes the significant increase in mental health issues and diverts
appropriate cases to mental health services. Roy served as the Detective Sergeant in charge of the Criminal Bureau for
11 years before being promoted to Lieutenant. Roy has also overseen the Town’s efforts to track substance abuse issues and use this data to direct policy initiatives to
address this issue.

Roy has constantly strived to improve himself and remain current in Public Safety practices and philosophies. He is a
Police instructor for In-Service and Reserve Officer Training. He has attended the FBI National Academy for a 3-month
training seminar. He has broadened his administrative skill set by attending seminars and certifications for budgeting,
executive leadership and FEMA preparedness. Roy received his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from
Northeastern University and his Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Anna Maria College.

Over the next week and after the Holidays, I expect Chief Frost will be putting his command staff together and meeting
with members of the Department to prepare for a new chapter in the Billerica Police Department. I would also like to
thank those candidates that put themselves in the arena to lead the Police Department. They were all excellent
candidates and represent the best of our Police Department – Lieutenant Marty Conway, Lieutenant Gerry Roche and
Lieutenant Sean Coffee.