Hydrant Flushing Program


Flushing is the processing of opening certain hydrants to flush out the sediment in the water mains. As the sediment is carried out through the hydrants, the water will become discolored. The removal of this sediment now will lessen the chance that it will be stirred up and discolor the water this summer during the high flows. Please use the map below to see when flushing will be occurring in your neighborhood. We appreciate the public’s patience while the program is under way.

 * All flushing will be done between noon and midnight.

Section Proposed Status
1 September 20-23 Complete
2 September 20-23 Complete
3 September 27-30 Complete
4 September 27-30 Complete
5 September 20-23 Complete
6 September 20-23 Complete
7 September 20-23 Complete
8 September 20-23 Complete
9 September 27-30 Complete
10 October 4-7 Complete
11 October 11- 14 Complete
12 October 4-7 Complete
13 October 11- 14 Complete
14 October 4-7 Complete
15 October 4-7 Complete
16 October 11- 14 Complete

* Unforeseen circumstances may cause the program to be extended.

**When a particular section is being flushed, it may cause some discolored water in adjacent sections.