Restaurant List

Excel Sheet

AddressPhoneDelivery?Takeout/Order Online/Call AheadWebsite
7 Nana Japanese Steakhouse199 Boston Road978-262-1300YesYes
99 Restaurant160 Lexington Road978-663-3999
99 Restaurant672 Boston Road978-667-9789
Augusta Subs & Deli599 Boston Road978-667-6612
Yes; Call Ahead
Bella Pizzeria113 Boston Road978-670-1118YesYes
Belly Buster Diner306 Boston Road978-667-7072

Casablanca Mexican Restaurant & Cantina99 Chelmsford Road978-262-9030
Yes; Call Ahead
Center Café432 Boston Road978-262-9097

Chipotle199 Boston Road978-667-1980YesYes
Chung King Rick’s Café446 Boston Road978-262-9922
Yes; Website
DiVito Brother’s Italian Pizzeria446 Boston Road978-663-7353
Yes; Call Ahead
Domino’s729 Boston Road978-663-3000YesYes; Website
Dunkin Donuts1 Republic Road978-362-1070
Drive Thru
Dunkin Donuts181 Boston Road978-663-5377
Drive Thru
Dunkin Donuts459 Boston Road978-671-4402
Drive Thru
Dunkin Donuts612 Middlesex Turnpike978-670-5482
Dunkin Donuts647 Boston Road978-667-9152
Drive Thru
Dunkin Donuts729 Boston Road978-670-6387
Drive Thru
Dunkin Donuts80 Chelmsford Road978-667-8588
Drive Thru
Emerald Rose785 Boston Road978-667-0500
Yes; Call Ahead
Expresso Pizza131 Boston Road978-663-8099
Yes; Website
Feel Good Café99 Chelmsford Road978-362-1713YesYes; Call Ahead
Garrison’s303 Boston Road978-670-1202YesYes; Call Ahead
Giovanni’s Roast Beef & Pizza331 Boston Road978-667-5600YesYes; Website
Golden Crown II95 Boston Road978-667-8108

Jade Pacific770 Boston Road978-663-0100
Jon Ryan’s Pub56 Chelmsford Road978-362-1051NoNo
Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell485 Boston Road978-663-3333YesYes; Website
Khao Hom258 Salem Road978-362-1296YesYes; Website
Liberty Bell420 Boston Road978-667-2355
Yes; Website
Livingstone’s Seafood & Deli265 Boston Road978-362-1247
Mangia Mangia430 Boston Road978-667-2697
Yes; Website
Max Noodles700 Boston Road978-362-3001

McDonald’s273 Boston Road978-667-9174
Drive Thru
McDonald’s718 Boston Road978-262-9706
Drive Thru
Meat Again Inc306 Boston Road978-667-5556
Yes; Call Ahead
Mikey’s Famous Roast Beef729 Boston Road978-262-9933
Milano’s House of Pizza175 Boston Road978-663-4339YesYes; Website
Mooyah Burgers Fries & Shakes199 Boston Road978-362-3658YesYes; Website
Newtowne Grille838 Boston Road978-667-0021YesYes; Call Ahead
Panera Bread188 Boston Road978-330-7386YesYes; Website, Drive Thru
Pini’s Pizzeria749 Boston Road978-362-3910YesYes; Website
Pizza Mia758 Boston Road978-667-0941YesYes; Website
Playoff’s512 Middlesex Turnpike978-435-0400
Yes; Call Ahead
Purple Bamboo265 Boston Road978-877-5176
QQ Asian Grill240 Nashua Road C978-362-3833

Riverview Restaurant263 Nashua Road978-663-2515

Roma’s Bakery306 Boston Road978-312-9595
Yes; Website
Sal’s Pizza328 Boston Road978-671-9393YesYes; Website
Sichuan Gourmet502 Boston Road978-670-7339
Yes; Website
Silvio’s Pizza256 Salem Road978-667-3361YesYes; Call Ahead
Starbuck’s199 Boston Road978-436-9180
Drive Thru
Stelio’s Restaurant293 Boston Road978-528-5780YesYes: Call Ahead
Stromboli’s481 Boston Road978-663-7737YesYes; Website
Subway480 Boston Road978-362-8507
Yes; Website
Subway799 Middlesex Turnpike 978-663-6565
Yes; Website
Suppa’s Pizza & Subs99 Chelmsford Road978-667-4000YesYes; Website
Supreme House of Pizza95 Boston Road978-663-2211YesYes; Website
The Hungry Tiger700 Boston Road978-663-2535
Yes; Call Ahead
Wendy’s312 Boston Road978-663-4550YesYes; Website
Wu Loon Ming8 Chelmsford Road978-663-9090
Zesty’s240 Nashua Road D978-667-6674YesYes; Website