Traffic Or Construction Issue

Construction Issue?

1. Construction can be tough. Bear with us for the time being. It might just be a minor hang up.

2. If you need assistance please reach out to Donna McCoy at Engineering either by email or by phone at (978) 671 - 1300. She will be able to direct you to the correct project manager. 

3. If you want more information on a project it can be found here!

Traffic Issue

1. Traffic can be caused by many factors including accidents, blocking the box, and general rush hour. Many of these issues are just a fact of life.

2. If you see speeding on your street, have motorcycle issues on your street, or see general lack of consideration for traffic regulations please call (978) 671 - 0900 and ask for Sgt. Steve Elmore. Or reach Sgt. Elmore by email at