You Can't Build That There

1. Don't panic! 

2. Take a look at the Zoning By-Laws and The Town GIS Map. The use table of the Zoning By-Laws starting on page 100 (5-77) will be helpful to determine what can be built in that area. 

3. Does it interfere with wetlands or other conservation area? Call (978) 671 -0966 or email the Conservation Director at

4. Does it not comply with Zoning or Building regulations? Check with our permitting department to make sure a variance was not granted. You can reach Olivia by calling (978) 671 -0964 or by email at

5. If no variance was granted and you still think that it is not allowed you can reach out to the Building Commissioner at (978) 671 -0959 or by email at MLaLumiere@Town.Billerica.MA.US