It's Snowing Out

It's about to start snowing what should you do?

1. Depending on the weather, forecast and other conditions, The Town may pretreat major hills and roads with salt to prevent the snow and ice from bonding to the road surface. 

2. Prepare your property for snow removal by keeping fences, mailboxes, basketball hoops, bike / skateboard ramps, etc. away from the edge of the road. Please do not park on the side of the road and limit your travel if possible. Please be aware that the Town of Billerica will not be responsible for any damage resulting from snow removal operations to fences, mailboxes, basketball hoops, bike / skateboard ramps, and similar items that are located too close to the roadway or are in poor condition. 

3. Make sure you stock up on batteries, groceries, and other necessary supplies. Make sure to charge electronics as well.

It's snowing out!

1. Depending on forecast and conditions, salting will continue throughout the storm. Town plows will begin to plow major roads after approximately 2 inches of snow accumulation. Private plow contractors will begin to plow secondary and minor roads after approximately 3 inches of snow accumulation.

Roads are plowed in the following priority: major roads first, then secondary roads, and finally minor roads and dead-ends. During a storm our goal is to keep roads passable for emergency vehicle access. Roads will be widened and cul-de-sacs are completed as soon as possible, but not before other roads are made passable for emergency vehicle access. 

I have an emergency! 

1. Power is Out? Call National Grid: 1 (800) 465 - 1212 

2. Accident or Tree in the Street? Call the Billerica Police (978) 671 - 0900

3. They still haven't plowed my street. Call Billerica Highway (978) 671 -0952.

The Storm is Over! 

Plows will continue to clean and widen roadways until every road in town has been completed. Salting will continue as needed. Please be aware that it takes 4 to 6 hours to complete plow operations after the snow has stopped. Remember, the last thing that the plows do is push back the edges which widens the road and allows for future snow storage. We apologize for any snow this may place into driveways that may have already been cleared.

Under most weather conditions, the Town of Billerica uses salt that has been treated with magnesium chloride (no sand) to treat our roads. Sand is only used when road conditions and temperature require it. Though you may not be able to see sand on the road, that does not mean the road has not been treated with salt.

Please be aware that we have numerous plows and sanders working throughout town. They are clearly marked with Town Seals or Snow Contractor magnets on the doors. You may see plow trucks driving with their plows raised or sanding trucks not spreading salt. These trucks may be returning for fuel or salt or may be en route to their assigned areas.