Pinehurst Fire Station

1/30 - 

The Town will be holding a neighborhood meeting on the Pinehurst Fire Station. You can follow along at the Prezi PDF link here!

10/29 - 

Town Meeting has approved the funding for this project. The Design Team is moving ahead with full
design. The first step is to conduct land survey, geotechnical investigation and hazmat testing. The
temporary station will be located on Town property on Grove Street. The Town is assessing whether it
is more cost effecting to rent a structure short-term or to purchase one and repurpose it at the end of the
project. The Town is exploring repurposing it down at the Water Treatment plant in the future. The
temporary structure is scheduled to open next April of 2020 and be repurposed in September of 2021.
The memorial plaque will be relocated at the Temporary site and returned to permanent location by the
Fire Department.

10/1 -

The Pinehurst Fire Station will be in front of Town Meeting this Fall. Check out the budget and more renderings here!Picture1