Howe School


Attached is the presentation given to the CPC on the Howe School.


The Town has been provided updated renderings that will be shared later this week. They expect to go in front of the CPC at the end of February and Start of March. 


The RFQ was advertised on October 7th for a designer for the project and was available on October
16th. Thirteen firms requested the RFQ. There is a designer briefing at the Howe School on October
30th at the site. RFQ proposals are due on November 13th.
This office met with BATV and their legal counsel to discuss next steps. BATV would prefer to enter
into a lease which would have to be put out to bid. The town will work with counsel to advance this
request. In the interim I have provided BATV with a draft agreement for their review. The BOS will
need to approve the lease. This office will forward a working draft document to the BOS in the next
month. BATV Counsel expressed concern about financing their portion of the project and that a lease
would be advantageous for financing purposes.

10/1 -

The Town has engaged Left Field LLC to help write the RFQ for design of the Old Howe. Check back soon for the RFQ and the results.

Check out the report done on the feasibility of placing BATV in the Howe School.