LED Streetlights

10/1 - 

Attached is the first and second audit report. 

8/19 -

The Town met with three potential firms who bid on the LED streetlight job. The Town chose Tanko Lighting who was the most experienced in the program as well as the low bidder. They came highly recommended from multiple Towns including Dracut and Medford.

This office had meeting on August 16th with Tanko Lighting to begin the streetlight conversion. There are 2,600 lights throughout the Town and about 40 decorative lights. The first step is to do an audit of all streetlights within the Right of Way. The MAPC deadline for procuring all materials is December 31st. Installation will start in March and be completed by May 31st. The Town will seek reimbursement from MAPC by June 30, 2020.

The audit is the first step. It will begin in mid-September and end in October. There will be a public notification process to inform residents that there will be people conducting this audit. This will be done through code red and social media venues.


Town Meeting voted to bond $1,000,000 to install new LED Streetlights. Between multiple grants, utility incentives, and maintenance savings the expected payback is 1.3 years.