Vining School


This office will be meeting with appropriate offices to shut down all utilities in the Vining with the
exception of an electrical supply for security purposes.

10/3 - Town Meeting

Voted to  transfer from the care, custody, management and control of the real property identified as the Vining School, more specifically identified on the Billerica Assessors’ Map 88, Parcel 101, from the School Committee as held for school purposes to the Board of Selectmen for general municipal purposes including the purpose of disposition; or act in relation thereto. 

9/24 - Town of Billerica Statement 

The Town of Billerica made the difficult decision to close the Vining School for all activities. Since the School Department vacated the building this June, the Town has been evaluating the suitability of the building with the intent of making minimal repairs to get 5-10 years of use out of the building - specifically for recreation programming. Unfortunately it was determined that the building could not be restored to a condition that is ergonomically acceptable for the people of Billerica.

It should also be noted that the primary reason it could not be made ergonomically correct were due to the heating and ventilation systems. These systems did not work properly and to restore them would have been cost prohibitive.

The Billerica Recreation Department is in the process of relocating any programs that were planned for this upcoming season. If you have any questions about program relocation at the Vining please call The Rec Department at (978) 671 – 0921.

The Board of Selectmen will be forming a capital planning committee to evaluate the needs and the resources of the Town so that can develop a plan for the future. The committee will reevaluate the Vining property as well as other vacant properties in Town.