Billerica Food Pantry


  • Food Pantry has ended their agreement with their current home.
  • The Town is helping find a new home for the program. 


  • Town Manager's office is meeting with Katherine Adams and the Boston Food Bank to discuss potential opportunities. The Food pantry continues to look for space.


  • The Town Manager with Katherine Adams, Joe Leary and the Boston Food Bank to discuss the future of a pantry in Billerica.  The First Congregational Church is researching the 501C status necessary to become a food bank.  The intent is to partner with Boston Food Bank to conduct two food banks a month.  Reverend Adams is exploring a short-term location within the Interfaith Community.  A long-term home for the Food Pantry could be the Vining school late in 2019 when it closes.  This office will be arranging a meeting with Ken Buffum and Marie O’Rourke to discussing combining our resources in this effort.