Green Communities

The Green Communities Division (GCD) provides grants, technical assistance, and local support from Regional Coordinators to help municipalities reduce energy use and costs by implementing clean energy projects in municipal buildings, facilities, and schools.

Billerica Overview - Green Communities Designation Program


  • The Board of Selectmen heard a presentation regarding the process of becoming a Green Community. 
  • Power Point Slides from BOS Meeting. Video will be attached shortly. 
  • Stretch Code Overview
  • Stretch Code Info
  • The Board will vote on a resolution to support this idea at the next meeting! 



  • Town Manager's Office  met with Neal Duffy of DOER to further develop the process for becoming a “Green Community”. There are several steps that must take place meet the five criteria.
  • Go before BOS with Stretch Code with Neal Duffy (agenda item in March 2nd)
  • Introduce ERP and FEVP criterion and process
  • Go before PB with stretch Code with Neal Duffy (BOS meeting)
  • Submit Warrant Article for stretch code (March)
  • Public Hearing with Neal Duffy (April)
  • Have meeting with Neal and Woodard Curran about Wastewater Phase III project Tom, Ken and crew, Abdul (March)
  • Have Town Counsel review Criteria One and Two. Give this task to Mark LaLumiere. (February)
  • Partner with NMCOG for META technical Assistance Grant. Invite Kevin McCarthy (March Meeting) 
  • Meeting with Sean McGloin from National Grid, Kevin Mccarthy, Steve Robertson and NMCOG.
  • Discuss audit and potential vendors (February March)
  • Energy Reduction Plan (ERP) must be approved by BOS and SC.
  • Fuel Efficient Vehicle Policy (FEVP) must be approved by BOS and SC.
  • Meeting with Department heads to discuss impacts.


  • Stretch Code information placed in the Building Department.



  • The Stretch Code Passed Town Meeting!


  • This office met with DOER, National Grid, Town Consultant Rick Minard from NMCOG to discuss next steps to becoming a Green Community. We have identified Town and School Buildings that will be audited by energy “project expeditors” assigned by National Grid. Basically, all Town and school facilities will be audited with the exception of the High School and Pumping Stations. The Town spent over $3 million on energy in FY 2017. These audits will be the tools necessary to develop the Energy Reduction Plan that will include a 20% reduction in energy use as its goal.