Salem Road Infrastructure

The scope of work for the project consists of the replacement of approximately 2,600 linear feet of gravity sewer main, 100 linear feet of sewer forcemain, 2,800 linear feet of water main replacement, drainage improvements including 1,050
linear feet of drain, 3,500 linear feet of sidewalk construction, retaining walls, the installation of intersection traffic signal and controls, new turning lanes, associated paving and all materials and equipment, services and construction inherent to the Work.

The Work includes labor, material and equipment, services required for construction, testing, and commissioning of the Project in accordance with the Contract Documents and as more specifically described in the Specifications and Drawings and includes, but is not limited to, the following principal features:

1. Replacement of Gravity Sewer
2. Replacement of water mains and appurtenances
3. Temporary water and sewer bypass systems
4. Roadway and off road restoration
5. Construction of Force Main
6. Installation of Intersection Improvements
7. Replace Bituminous Asphalt Paving and new Concrete Sidewalk

The Town will begin construction beginning in April 2016 with a scheduled completion date of June 2017.  DeFelice Corporation of Dracut, MA has been issued a Notice of Award.