Alpine Village Project

The Board of Selectmen is currently hearing a residential development proposal on the corner of Alpine Road and Boston Road.  It is being presented as a 40R proposal and a LIP proposal.  The petitioner has two conceptual plans – one for 200 units and the other for 179 units.  These two plans are available below.

The Board is considering whether the petitioner can mitigate the following impacts in addition to others:

  • Sewer connections on Twin Pine and Alpine.
  • Traffic calming measures on Alpine Road.
  • Sidewalks on Alpine Road.
  • No Access from Alpine.
  • Reduction of building height on Alpine side of development.
  • Reduction in density from original proposal.
  • Financial incentives offered by 40R up to $800,000.
Also feel free to view the Alpine Village Site Plan and Alpine Village Perspective View as of September 21, 2015.  We also invite you to review the complete Alpine Village LIP Application.

*NOTE*  The LIP Application is a large PDF file (14MB) and will take a minute to download.

Conceptual Plans