Elsie Ave Neighborhood

The Elsie Avenue neighborhood was paved in the spring of 2013. Elsie Avenue is located in the River Pines area of Town, directly adjacent to the Concord River.  The roads in the neighborhood had several problems ranging from puddling, overgrown vegetation into the roadway, and consistent erosion along the gravel roadways. The gravel roadways in the neighborhood required continual regrading and maintenance, especially after storms.

The work included leveling and overlay on Elsie Avenue to direct stormwater runoff to the new water quality swales constructed along the roadway. The gravel roads were regraded and paved to promote improved drainage and to alleviate the required continual maintenance of a gravel surface.

New stormwater water quality swales were designed and installed in the area to comply with Stormwater Management Policies, providing storage and treatment to stormwater runoff and eliminating sedimentation of the gravel roads into the Concord River.

The following roads were paved in this neighborhood: Elsie Ave, Acanthis Rd, Braemore Rd, Hurlburt Rd, Kilsyth Rd, Loon Rd.