Water Main Improvements - Letchworth Avenue & Dyer Street

The work under this project is located on Letchworth Avenue from Faulkner Street to Alice Avenue, and Dyer Street from Kenwood Street to Liberty Drive. The project was awarded to Cedrone Corporation of Billerica in June 2012. Work was completed in October 2012.

The work includes furnishing, installing, cleaning, disinfecting and testing 12-inch, 10-inch, 8-inch, and 6-inch cement lined ductile iron water main and water service connections in streets and removing existing/abandoning water pipes and hydrants including furnishing and installing new hydrants, water services, valves, and fittings; temporary water supply during construction; connections to the existing system; disposal of all removed pipe materials including proper removal and disposal of asbestos cement (AC) pipe, and delivery of removed hydrants to the Billerica Water Division. This work also includes pavement replacement; sidewalk and curb repair; loaming and seeding; trench excavation and backfill; rock removal and disposal; miscellaneous work and cleanup and all appurtenances and incidental work.
Dyer Street temporary bypass
Grinding asphalt for water main trench
Excavating on Dyer Street
Removing ledge with hydraulic hammer on Dyer Street
Letchworth Avenue temporary bypass
Installed corporation for house service on Letchworth Avenue
Trench paving Letchworth Avenue
Trench paving at Faulkner Street and Station Street