Allen Road Reconstruction - MassDOT TIP Project

Roadway Improvements to Allen Road Project are being constructed under two construction contracts issued by MassDOT.   One Construction Contract includes the reconstruction of Allen Road for about a mile beginning just south of the Allen Road/Webb Brook Road intersection and extending to the Boston Road (Route 3A)/Allen Road intersection. The other Construction Contract focuses on Boston Road at its intersection with Allen Road and involves the reconstruction of approximately 1,400 feet of Boston Road.

The construction work on Allen Road involves roadway reconstruction, new sidewalk on the south side, granite curbing, drainage system upgrades, ADA compliant wheelchair ramps, stone masonry retaining walls, tree plantings, and utility pole relocations. The project also replaced a water main and installed a new sewer main in advance of the neighborhood sewer project planned as “Needs Area 4” in the Town's master plan for sewerage.

Ongoing construction work at Boston Road involves intersection improvements, a new traffic signal, roadway widening, new sidewalks, tree plantings, and utility pole relocations. Work also includes the installation of a new water main along Boston Road and Shawsheen Street.

Both contracts incorporate stormwater quality measures such as deep sump catch basins, water quality inlets, sediment traps and detention basins.

The combined construction cost of both contracts is about $8.5 million.  The contractor is J. Tropeano, Inc.  Contract Completion dates are October 2018 for Allen Road April 2020 for the Boston Road contract.

Allen Road Phase I - Complete Plan Set
Allen Road Phase II - Complete Plan Set