Local Permits & Licenses

Billerica knows you want to get your business growing quickly…

Permitting and speed to market are key things for businesses looking to move into an area, and Billerica has the people in place to help make this a reality. The Town of Billerica jumps into action when existing or relocating businesses begin the search for a suitable site for expansion. Get things started with an email to our Economic Development Team, who will help guide you through the following steps:

  • Stage 1:  Preliminary Conversations with Staff - submit Letter of Intent to kickstart a conversation.
  • Stage 2:  Submit Conceptual Plans and preliminary project information for Technical Review Team Meeting
  • Stage 3:  Finalize proposals and submit to appropriate Permit Granting Authorities
  • Stage 4:  Permit Granting Authority process - Public Review process by relevant boards and commissions and Building Permit Process
  • Stage 5: Pre-construction meetings, construction oversight, final occupancy review and sign off.   

If you are not sure where to start, contact us and we will get you on the right path. 

Use the tabs below to review different permits and licenes your project might require and how to get more information.  


Building Department Links

The Building Department enforces state building codes and the local zoning bylaw and issues building permits and occupancy permits.