Wastewater Permits & Fees

Sewer Permit Procedure

Effective 1/1/2022 The Town of Billerica Water Resource Recovery Facility will issue sewer permits electronically at the treatment plant.  There will not be any more paper permits issued.

  1. Come to the treatment plant at 70 Letchworth Ave to fill out an application and and drop off payment (check only, payable to Town of Billerica in the amount of $150).  
  2. Contractors are to call and schedule an inspection time and date.
  3. Collections Inspector is Mike McCaughey 978-987-5854 or call WRRF 978-671-0956.
  • Approved Contractors List

New Construction

  • Residential new construction (includes tear downs) - $150.00 Permit Fee
  • Commercial new construction / renovation - $600.00 Permit Fee
  • DPW Fees (Paid at DPW Administration Office at Town Hall)

    • The DPW fee (for new residential) is calculated at $1.97 per square foot (Includes Wastewater PE/II and Water Conservation Fee).
    • For Commercial (new and renovations), We use State Rule 314 CMR Regulations for determining the gallons per day to calculate fee.
    • Wastewater Plant Expansion: $9.00 per gpd.
    • Wastewater Inflow Infiltration: $3.99 per gpd.
    • Water Conservation: $5.78 per gpd.
    • For restaurants, flow based on number of seats.
    • For office buildings, flow based on square footage.

Drain Layer Fees

All work must be performed by a licensed and approved drain layer. Anyone who so desires may become an approved drain layer by filling out an application, supplying a bond and insurance, and paying the associated fee. The fee structure is as follows:
  • Annual fees:
    • Drain-layer license (for pipe work, street opening, and curb cuts) - $300.00
    • Contractor License (street openings and curb cuts) - $100.00
  • One-time fee:
    • Project Drain-layer License (single project only) - $100.00
Please review and complete the following documents:

Application Approval

The Department of Public Works Director approves all applications and once approved, the name goes on a list of approved contractors that is on file with the town. The homeowner picks someone from this list and hires them to tie into the sewer main. Once the house or building is tied into sewer, a copy of the sewer permit is put on file at the Water / Sewer Billing Office. They are then charged a sewer fee, based on the amount of water they use.

Sewer Connection Permit

Homeowners and contractors may come to the Water Resource Recovery Facility(WRRF) located at 70 Letchworth Ave during the hours of  8am and 3pm to get sewer connection permits.