Cemetery Rules & Regulations

Planting of flowers or shrubs is not allowed. All grave decorations and plants planted in or left on the ground as well as all ornaments including bird feeders, wind chimes, and the like will be removed periodically so that we may perform our routine mowing, trimming, fertilizing, etc. There are signs in the cemetery that can keep you informed of when we will be removing decorations. Flowers or decorations attached to headstones and not sitting on the ground will be left in place. Any decorations interfering with normal operations will be removed.

No glass containers are allowed for safety reasons. No person shall discard any refuse in the cemetery except in the container located behind the garage. No signs nor lettered wooden boards of any kind will be allowed within the cemetery. No decorations of any kind will be allowed in or on cemetery trees.

It is our aim to keep the cemetery clean, neat, and safe. We ask for your help and cooperation in these matters. The Billerica Cemetery Department takes great pride in keeping these historical cemeteries in the condition that you expect and we will make every effort to provide a respectable burial area for the people of Billerica.

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