Additional Carts, Overflow Bags, & Compost Bins

Overflow Bag

Official Overflow Bags

Official Billerica Overflow Bags are available for purchase at the customer service desks at O'Connor Hardware and all three Billerica Market Basket locations.

Overflow bags are sold in rolls of 5 bags for $10 (to cover additional labor and disposal costs). Official Billerica Overflow Bags are the only bags that will be picked up outside the trash cart.

Use of Additional Carts (Trash & Recycling)

For the use of an additional trash cart, residents will pay a one-time fee of $65 to cover the cost of the cart and an annual fee (currently $100 per year) to cover additional disposal costs. Disposal fee covers service year from July 1 to June 30. Total fees for the first year are $165. Thereafter, annual disposal fee will be billed by the town and is due on June 15, for each subsequent year.

For a limited time, residents may pay a reduced fee for the use of an additional recycling cart. Residents pay a one-time fee of $45 to cover the cost of the cart. There is no annual disposal fee for recycling.

Additional Cart Application

All carts remain the property of the Town of Billerica. Fees must be received prior to delivery. Download the Additional Cart Application or contact the Department of Public Works Administration Office at 978-671-1313 to get an application sent to you.


Compost Bins

Compost bins are now on sale for $25 at the Department of Public Works Administration Office in the Billerica Town Hall, Room G-11.

Mix grass clippings with dried leaves, twigs, pine needles, hay, or straw to start a backyard compost pile. Coffee grounds, fruit, and vegetable scraps can be added to the pile as well. Composting improves the soil by adding nutrients and it saves on disposal costs.

View the New Age Composter brochure or visit the Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs website for more information. For more information about the benefits and how to compost, please see this video 

Curbside pickup of food and kitchen waste

There are several companies that provide curbside collection of kitchen waste in Billerica, some of whom even provide you with finished compost:

These are private vendors that residents can take advantage of by registering directly with their preferred company.  Please be sure to compare all companies when deciding which is the best fit for you.

Want your company to be added to this list?  Please email the Town of Billerica's Recycling Coordinator at