Winter Trash & Recycling Collection

Trash & Recycling Carts Accessibility
When there is snow on the ground, residents should take special care to ensure that trash and recycling carts are accessible to the arm of the automated trucks, with a 3-foot clearance around the cart to all obstacles, such as tall snow banks, other carts, overflow bags, mailboxes, trees, and parked cars.

Please avoid placing trash or recycling carts in the plowed roadway by clearing a small area just off the edge of the road for the carts.

SnowflakeWeather Notice
Please be aware that Waste Management will make every effort to complete Trash and Recycle collection on the scheduled day during snow events. In the event that weather conditions prohibit them from completing collections, we will update the DPW page of the Town website, Facebook, and Twitter with information related to any delays.

Please think of the plows when placing your carts out. You should place them where the arm of the collection trucks can reach them, but not where they will conflict with snowplow operations. Thank you!