Bulk Items, Mattresses & Box Springs, White Goods & Appliances

Bulk Items

For bulky items that are too large to fit in a trash cart, residents must call Waste Management in advance to schedule a collection. Call 800-972-4545 to schedule pickup for the next bulk item collection day. See the Bulk/White Goods Price List for current prices. 

White Goods, Appliances, & TVs / Computer Monitors

Waste Management will pick up white goods, appliances, and TVs / computer monitors, as well as other large metal items and car tires. Residents must call 800-972-4545 to schedule and pay for disposal of their item(s). See the Bulk/White Goods Price List for current prices.

Mattresses and Box springs

Beginning November 1, 2022, in response to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) ban on mattress disposal, Waste Management will no longer be collecting mattresses and/or box springs for the Town of Billerica, as they must now be recycled. To schedule a collection by our recycling vendor, UTEC, please go to their website at https://utecinc.org/mattress-recycling/ then scroll down to Schedule Service – Billerica. Fill out the online form by selecting a day and time period and fill in number of each item to be collected, then “Add to cart” to start payment process. UTEC can also be reached at 978-856-3997. For a step-by-step view of the UTEC scheduling procedure, click here

For more information, please see the Mattress and Box Spring page. 

The following items are not a part of this ban and can be disposed of as a bulk item by calling Waste Management: Futon mattresses, fold-out sofa beds, mattress pads or toppers, infant sleeping pads, air or water bed mattresses.

Other options for disposal include donating, selling or gifting items in good condition, or asking retailers to take your old items when delivering new items.