Billerica Water Works
Billerica Water Works was established by an act of the Massachusetts Legislature in 1897. Construction of the original works began in 1898 and continued for several years. The water works was first activated in January of 1899. Water was at that time drawn from wells located in the area of the present Water Treatment Plant, where the original pumping station building remains.

Treatment Plant
The first Water Treatment Plant (WTP) was built in 1955. As originally built it had a capacity of 3.5 million gallons per day (MGD) and was intended to be expanded to 7 MGD at a later time. In 1967 the plant was expanded to its intended maximum capacity. As growth in town continued the plant's capacity was again increased in 1976, this time to 14 MGD.

On May 18, 2006, the old Water Treatment Plant on Boston Road was taken off line and the new Water Treatment Plant, located off Treble Cove Road, continued servicing the town. The new Water Treatment Plant uses the same processes and has the same capacity as the old plant. The old plant was eventually demolished.

Process Changes
Over the years some of the processes have changed, such as:
  • In the 1979 the powdered activated carbon applied in the pretreatment was replaced by changing the filter media from anthracite coal to granular activated carbon. This lowered cost and reduced sludge volume.
  • In the 1987 sodium hydroxide was replaced with potassium hydroxide and in January 2009 a switch was made back to sodium hydroxide.
  • In December of 1992 fluoridation of the water supply began.
  • In May of 1997 an ozone generating and feed system was installed. This was done to remove the manganese which caused brown water. This treatment also reduces taste and odors and very effectively inactivates virus and cysts.
  • In September of 1999 ammonia was added to change the secondary disinfectant to from free chlorine to chloramines. This was done to lower the trihalomethane levels. This adjustment has been very successful.
Additional Information
Residents are often confused about what number to call for various water-related problems or questions. Please call Water Billing at 978-671-0954 for the following issues: second meter inspections, final reads, and low pressure problems. For more information on water billing, please visit the Water Billing page.

For issues such as water main breaks, brown water, or hydrant problems, call the Water Treatment Plant at 978-671-0957.