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Request to withdraw 1/20/23

The applicant is proposing to renovate and expand the existing Market Basket space within the Towne Shopping Plaza. The renovations include the expansion into a portion of the current retail space occupied by Bobs Store), and
upgrades to the interior of Market Basket. Additionally, exterior improvements include a new storefront façade, a 245 square foot (sf) expansion to the front entrance vestibule, a 1,475 sf expansion in the rear for additional store
operational space, rear service/compactor improvements, front sidewalk and drive aisle improvements, and minor parking upgrades at the front of the store

Documents received- 12/14/22:

700 Boston Road-01 - 15547.00_Cover Letter_2022-12-07  02 - Form S_signed 03 - 15547.00_Site Plans_2022-12-07 04 - Filing Fee 05 - Deed_28735-211 06 - Previous Decisions_compiled 07 - 15547.00_Waiver Request_2022-12-07 08 - 15547.00_Narrative_2022-12-07 09 - 15547.00-Site Location Map 10a - Certified Abutters List_80-40-1 10b - Certified Abutters List-80-129-2 11 - Consultant Retainer Executed Legal Ad-700 Boston Road

12/21/22:FD Comment 12-21-2022 12/30/22-DPW/ENG comment-12/30/22    1/03/22: 700 Boston Road Peer Review - Planning 1-3-2023 1/10/23:Notice to Continue 

CONT. SPSP-PUBLIC HEARING-331 Treble Cove Road-Continued to 2/13/23

Site Plan Special Permit pursuant to Section 6 of the Zoning By-Laws. The applicant proposes to construct a 1050 sq. ft. addition to the existing facility

SPSP-331 Treble Cove Road application SPSP-331 Treble Cove Road-Site Plan 331 Treble Cove Road 2022-11-9 Storm water Report Executed Legal Ad-331 Treble Cove Road Comment from ConCom Treble Cove_331 (Lantheus) Nov 2022 DPW Comment 331 Treble Cove Road  BOH Comment 331 Treble Cove Road REVISED-331 Treble Cove Road Site Plan Combined Plan Set 12-9-2022 - Full Set 331 Treble Cove Road BETA Peer Review - Planning 12-12-2022 Executed Legal Ad-331 Turner Road

1/10/10:Request for Continuance_01.10.2023


The applicant requests to subdivide the land into two (2) lots in the Rural Residence District

25 Sequoia St Application 25 Sequoia St- Plan Executed Legal Ad -25 Sequoia FD Comment-1-19-23


The applicant proposes to construct a 4150 sq. ft. addition to the existing facility 

24 Cook St-Application -SPSP 24 Cook St Plan-SPSP Executed Legal Ad 24 Cook St 24 Cook Street-Subcatchment Plan 24 Cook Street-Drainage Subcatchment PD Comment-1-19-23 FD Comments-1-19-23


CONT. PUBLIC HEARING-SP3-279 Boston Road-APPROVED 1/10/23 meeting

The proposed project consists of a multi-use building with associated parking area and utilities. The commercial aspect of the property includes a 64-seat restaurant and retail space. The residential component consists of 21 units. The building will be three-stories tall and 37’ height.

279 Boston Rd-Application 279 Boston Rd-Site Plans 279 Boston Rd-Building Elevation plan 279 Boston Rd-Aerial View 279 Boston Rd-Letter to Planning Board 279 Boston Rd-Fire Truck Turning Plan 279 Boston Rd- Site Lighting plan 279 Boston Rd-Traffic Impact Study 279 Boston Rd-Storm Water Drainage Executed Legal Ad-279 Boston Road 

FD Response-279 Boston Road FD Comment-279 Boston Road DPW Comments-279 Boston Road Request for comments email-279 Boston Road Question from Sewer Department-279 Boston Road PD Comments-279 Boston Road All dept. comment-279 Boston-complied 279 Boston Rd Peer Review - BETA Response

Concord Shores Architectural Presentation 22 10 24 -Current Parking Area Plan 11-7-22 Site Grading Plan With Angled Building 10-24-22 Revised Parking Space Detail 11-11-22 Parking Area Plan-11-11-22 MS Concord Shores Planning Board 22 11 14 

O M Plan 120122 Predevelopment Subcatchments 120122 Drainage Calculations 120122 Concord River Watershed Draft TDML 120122 Stamped Stormwater Management Checklist 120122 TSS Removal IS-3 120122 Pretreatment TSS Removal IS-3 120122  Runoff Summary -120122  Postdevelopment Subcatchments 120122 Response to BETA Review - Stormwater 120122 Response to BETA Review - Planning 120122 Submitted Lighting Plan 120222 Submitted Landscaping Plan 120222  Response to DPW Comments  BETA Review, revised - Planning    BETA Review, revised - Stormwater  Plan of Land Survey Pavement Removal Plan

12/21/22: Concord Shores continuance ltr to 1-10-23 1/3/23:PD Comment 1-3-23-279 Boston Road-bus stop 1/10/23:Display Plan with Resource Areas 1-10-23

Draft Minutes to be Approved at th0 02/13/23 meeting:


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Bond Release-B2 Turner Road 

B2-Turner Road Bond Release Application 12-12-22 B2-Turner Road-2-20-2019 Bond Release


UPDATED 9/8/2022 - Fall Town Meeting 2022: 
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The Billerica Planning Board is elected in accordance with Chapter 41, Section 81A-81GG and consists of 7 members. The board acts on:

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The board also holds a public hearing and makes recommendations on all zoning articles for Town Meeting.