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Next Meeting May 8, 2023 @7pm      


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The state has approved extension of remote meetings through March 2025. The applicants and any person seeking to provide testimony may attend in person or through the webinar link above.  

5/8/23 Planning Board Meeting


The applicant proposes to construct a building totaling approximately 121,630 square feet to be utilized as a GMP lab facility at 298 Concord Rd.  The property is located in the Industrial Zoning District.

Received 2/3/23: Executed SPSP Packet-298 Concord Road Site Plan Copies of Variances and or Special Permits Drainage Report 1 of 3 Drainage Report 2 of 3 Drainage Report 3 of 3

2/9/23 PD Comment-298 Concord Road 2/17/23: Executed Legal Ad 298 Concord Road  3/6/23- Beta Peer Review 3/8/23 DPW Comment-298 Concord Road 4/5/23 Letter to continue to May 8, 2023

4/18/23:2023-04-04_Cover Letter_298 Concord_RTC 2023-4-5_298 Concord_Drainage Report 2023.04.04_298 Concord_CVL_Rev01 Executed Legal Ad 298 Concord Road

4/24/23-2023-04-04_298 Concord_Full Build pg C-303

4/25/23-BETA Planning Peer Review (Revised); Stormwater Peer Review (Revised)


The applicant proposes to renovate and expand the existing building in conjunction with tenant modifications to renovate front walkway, crosswalks, and parking spaces.

Received 4/7/23: 01 - 15547.00_Narrative_2023-04-07 700 Boston Rd 02 - FORM S_Signed 700 Boston Rd 03 - 15547.00_Site Plans_2023-04-07_Stamped 700 Boston Rd  05 - Deed_28735-211 700 Boston Rd 06 - Previous Decisions_compiled 700 Boston Rd 07 - 15547.00_Waiver Request_2023-04-07 700 Boston Rd 08 - 15547.00-Site Location Map 700 Boston Rd 09 - Certified Abutters List 700 Boston Rd 10 - Conceptual Master Plan 700 Boston Rd 4/12/23:PD Comment rec'd 4/12/23-700 Boston Road Executed Legal Ad-700 Boston Road 4/24-DPW Comments-700 Boston Road 5/1/23 - Response to DPW Comments


Subdivision Rules & Regulations Review

Sections for Review:

ANR Section

Preliminary Plan Section

Definitive Plan Section

Subdivision with a Frontage Variance (formerly "B-2" process)



Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Bond Release-B2 Turner Road 

B2-Turner Road Bond Release Application 12-12-22 B2-Turner Road-2-20-2019 Bond Release


UPDATED 9/8/2022 - Fall Town Meeting 2022: 
Zoning By-Law Updates
Zoning Bylaw Review Committee

Planning Board Application Deadline Dates

Board Overview

The Billerica Planning Board is elected in accordance with Chapter 41, Section 81A-81GG and consists of 7 members. The board acts on:

  • Approval Not Required Determinations
  • Preliminary Subdivision Plans
  • B-2 Plans (Minor Subdivisions)
  • Definitive Subdivision Plans
  • Special Permits
  • Site Plan Special Permits
  • Wireless Communications Special Permits
  • Zoning By-Law Rezoning Petitions

The board also holds a public hearing and makes recommendations on all zoning articles for Town Meeting.