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COVID - 19 Update 3/17/2020


Social Worker (SW) in office to receive all inquiries:

Calls to “At Risk List” (seniors who are alone)

Elder Police Officer:  SW able to contact if senior is unsafe or in need have police to provide information and or referrals.

Updates on Pharmacy deliveries:  Walgreens in Billerica is delivering to clients and waiving the delivery fee.

Addressing questions on other forms of getting Taxes done while AARP program closed indefinitely:  H & R Block, 700 Boston Road, Billerica, MA. (978) 667-3638 (They have many appointments available, and they are allowing people to drop off taxes and pick up when they are done. Prices range from $59.00- $250.00 depending on how they file, and their income. They can have the fee withdrawn from their refund.)

Nutritional Support: Delivery of Congregate meals to seniors in need. Making calls to see if seniors on At Risk listed need meals.

Essential Groceries:  If all other areas exhausted working on policy to enable volunteers to shop for seniors for essential groceries, i.e. depends, milk, bread.  2 reusable bags max. Seniors need to pay for the groceries.

Running Commodity Supplemental Food Program: Greater Boston Food Bank to deliver to BCOA on Wednesday, March 18, 2020.  Brown bags of shelf stable food for seniors in the community to be distributed as a “Drive-by” pick-up and delivery by staff to a few who are unable to pick –up.

Transportation Services:

  • Transportation Coordinator in the office to:
  •  Answer calls
  • Schedule local medical appointments in van if needed. Three passengers in the van at a time to maintain social distancing.
  • Help deliver CSFP brown bags of shelf stable food.
  • Schedule medical appointments in April and beyond.
  • Take seniors who have exhausted all other options shopping to obtain essentials.


Respite Program continues. Companions are available. Screener being used as needed to ensure protection measures for both client and Companion


Please call Dina Ahmed at 978 – 671-0916, extension 2005 if you would like to get started on the 2020-2021 program


If you have questions or need help please call Dina Ahmed at 978 – 671-0916, extension  2005


Continues with new protocols from Elder Services of Merrimack Valley. Drivers wear gloves; leave food hanging on door in plastic bags. Alerts Consumer to delivery. If consume is bed-bound leaves food on table and from a distance lets consumer know


New Grab and Go policy – consumers call we deliver to back door

Elder Services willing to add new consumers onto Congregate list if we let them know through Karen Johnson, Elder Services Coordinator for ESMV ( extension 2023) or Mary Caprio, Nutritional Services Coordinator, BCOA


All suspended

Will explore options on the lawns when weather better and we can mandate social distancing


Program planning from afar – golf season sign up and launch moved from onsite sign up to sign up by mail


Beginning attending several zoom meetings of aging services organizations and dispensing guidelines , tools and techniques of care and support through NextDoor.

The Billerica Council on Aging is the primary resource for aging services in the town.  

There are two ways to learn about what is happening at the Senior Center.
  • The COA's monthly newsletter 'The Outlook'
  • Our Activities flyer
The Outlook

The monthly COA newsletter 'The Outlook' provides dates and times of all programs and activities.  Some programs are free, some are fee-based, and some are by appointment only. 

For more information about our programs, activities and services, check The Outlook and our Activities Flyer

Coronavirus Update - Friday, March 13 - 4:00pm

Dear Patrons of the Billerica COA

This is to inform you that we will be closed starting on Saturday March 14th until at least Monday, March 23rd. Our building at 25 Concord Road will be closed to all visitors and volunteers however staff will be on site from 8.30 AM to 4 PM Monday to Friday to help callers with referrals , outreach guidance and any other aging services assistance we can provide by phone or email. We are here to support seniors in the community virtually so as to minimize each other’s risks but maximize caring support from afar.

You can reach us at 978 671 0916 with questions or concern.


Jean Bushnell, Director
Billerica Council on Aging

Coronavirus Update - Friday, March 13

Dear BCOA Patron

As you know each day, we strive to make the BCOA a welcoming and caring environment to help you grow and feel fulfilled. As the Coronavirus rages on, we must take necessary precautions to protect each other.

As such, as of today, March 13 and through March 31, all large events of 50 or more attendees at the BCOA are canceled until March 31. Smaller group events that allow good social distancing of 6 feet apart shall continue.

As a result most activities are now cancelled through March 31st. This includes all Exercise and Dance classes, Craft classes such as Knitting, Quilting and Ceramics. Social and Game gatherings such as Social Time, Bingo, LunchAround, St Patrick’s Day Luncheon and Step Dance Show, Cribbage, Mah Jongg and all other games are also cancelled. Blood Pressure checks are cancelled and the Computer and Fitness Rooms are also closed until March 31. If you do have a question whether an event or an activity is still being held, please call us at 978-671-0916 to check first.

Please note that even if you plan to drop into the Senior Center to relax or join a small group, we need you to kindly adhere to these requirements as well as social distancing:
1) Stop handshaking – use other non-contact methods of greeting.
2) Clean your hands at our front door and do regular hand washing as you are at the BCOA.
3) Avoid touching faces and cover coughs and sneezes.
4) Please stay home if you are feeling sick or you have a sick family member in your home.

The CDC urges frequent hand washing with soap and water for 20 seconds minimum, “especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.” In a pinch, the agency says, people can use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

Thanks for your understanding to maintain everyone’s health and wellness.

Community Service Award (CSA)

Applications are now being accepted for the 2020 Community Service Award (CSA).  Each year the BCOA and the FRIENDS of the BCOA (FCOA) bestow the CSA AWARD that honors the late Eugene L. (Gene) Lecomte who served as President of the FCOA from March 2004 to February 2006.  Gene exemplified the principals of service, character, vision and passion for community service.

Applications can now be picked up at the BCOA (25 Concord Road) or downloaded from here. Submit your nomination bewteen February 1st to March 30th. The Friends of the COA and Billerica COA will announce the winner and nominee prior to the Awards Night on FRIDAY May 1, 2020 at the Billerica Elks.

The intent of the award is to recognize a community leader who has placed elder services needs as a top priority in their lives and mobilizes the community in multiple ways to help families and the community best support the health and wellness of older adults in Billerica.

Nominations will be reviewed by a group of local community and business leaders, selected by the Council on Aging and the Friends of Billerica Council on Aging.

Please assist the committee in selecting the right person for the 2020 Community Service Award by completing the form in as much detail as possible. Conveying what you know first-hand about the individual, and what specially makes them stand out for recognition is most helpful.

Looking for local Health and Wellness Information?  This handbook may have just what you need.

2019 Billerica Health Fair Booklet