Current Work

Classroom Education

The Town’s Engineering staff completes a school education program and visits classrooms, from elementarEnviroscape2y schools to colleges, to discuss water quality and stormwater pollution. Pictured here is the EnviroScape model, which demonstrates how pollutants may reach waterways in stormwater runoff.

The Town annually participates in World Water Monitoring Day where students from a Billerica elementary school learn how to test the water quality at local beaches. Tours of the Town’s wastewater treatment plant are also routinely provided for middle school, high school, and college groups.

Stormwater Asset Management Program

As part of a MassDEP Grant, the Town is assessing the municipal drainage system to support the development of a Stormwater Asset Management Program. Personnel from the Billerica Department of Public Works and a hired consultant, Tighe & Bond, visited stormwater structures throughout Town in 2022 and 2023– you may see them inspecting outfalls (where stormwater pipes discharge to wetlands, streams, wooded areas), catch basins, drain manholes, and culverts in your neighborhood. This work will help inform a risk-based capital improvement plan for culvert repair and replacement and the Town’s overall stormwater management program.

Current Work - Stormwater AMP - Culvert Photo

Drainage System Repairs

As part of DPW’s routine drainage system operation and maintenance program, Billerica DPW completes needed repairs and replacements. This may include repairing a storm drain that has settled and needs repair, or full replacement of a large culvert conveying a stream. In 2022, Billerica Water Works employees conducted emergency replacement of the culvert on French Street.

French Street culvert 

Catchment Investigations

The current phase of IDDE Program implementation is Catchment Investigations, where drainage infrastructure in the street is inspected for potential illegal discharges.

 Catchment Investigations RoadCatchment Investigations DMH