What kind of technology is in use in Town?

The employee-used computer systems and "base" software are pretty standard. Most of the computers are Lenovo PCs, as are most of the few laptops we have deployed. The overwhelming majority of computers operate with Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2010. Our server infrastructure employees physical Hewlett Packard servers in a virtualized Microsoft Hyper-V environment. This server system runs a Microsoft Active Directory domain, Exchange 2010 for email services, and all the typical system requirements, such as file and print sharing. We employ an EMC mass storage system connected to the server environment. Most of our networking is handled by Hewlett Packard switches, but we do have some Cisco devices engaged for certain purposes.

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1. What does the MIS/IT Dept. do exactly?
2. What kind of technology is in use in Town?
3. With whom do you partner for Technology Services?
4. Who do you serve?
5. What's on the horizon?
6. Are the Town's systems secure?