Bike Path


A meeting was held on May 4th on determining what the resolution would be for the bike path.  It was determined that the original route, between the fire station and the stadium, should be revisited.  This would involve an eight foot dedicated pathway for the bike path.  The Design team is expected to come up with a conceptual design in two weeks.  At that time it will be reviewed by the fire department. Once complete, it will be sent to the BMHBC for review.


An update was provided to the BMHSBC about the bike path. The design team is working the original route through the stadium and Fire Station roadway. This seemed to be well received. A final conceptual design will be presented in a few weeks.


Please find attached conceptual plan for the bike path and summary from David Warner in the linked email below. This design is a result of meeting a balance between the desire to have the bike path go through the site while also taking into consideration safety for both pedestrians and bicyclists, schedule, phasing, budget, etc. The project team will have Shawmut Design and Construction provide a conceptual budget for this design. Once this is available, the design and pricing will be presented to the Committee for discussion and further consideration.


The Town received notice of the grant award of $100,000 for the Bike path through the High School. It requires a match from the Town of $25,000. This is easily attainable with other work that is going on in the project anyway. Thank you to Representative Lombardo for all his efforts in making sure the Town received this grant. Also thank you to Kelley Conway for her efforts in putting the grant together.