Adult Use Marijuana


The Board of Selectmen will potentially be discussing Adult Use Marijuana Regulations at tonight's meeting. Below are google docs that allow residents to make suggested edits.

Town To Do's / Points of Importance

Board of Selectmen DRAFT Regulations 

Track Changes of By-Law

Track Changes of Zoning Law


There are four tasks that need to take place before the Marijuana Moratorium expires on December 31st. First the Medical Marijuana Overlay District needs to be amended by reducing the minimum distance from 1,000 feet to 500 feet from certain identified uses. Additionally, a waiver provision of 250 feet will be added. The second task is to create an Adult Use Marijuana Overlay District with referenced map. The third task is to establish an Adult Use Marijuana General By-Law. The second and third tasks have been reviewed by the BOS and the amendments will be added to the warrant article language. The fourth task is to establish the Marijuana tax of 3%. This article language will be drafted by K&P. These four tasks will be done through Fall Town Meeting. The Zoning Articles will have to be reviewed and recommended by the Planning Board prior to Town Meeting.

Two additional items to be handled exclusively by the BOS are the establishment of the Rules and Regulations and a Host Agreement Procedure. These tasks should be completed prior to Town Meeting so they can serve as information to Town Meeting Members and their decision making process.