Howe School


Howe School Report 


A pre-construction meeting was held on Monday November 20th. The work is scheduled to commence in the spring. It will include removing slate and relaying it and repairing damaged slate. The rubber roof on the library will also be replaced. The bid came in at $426,000 for both jobs. The bid was awarded to John F. Shea Company. A tarp will be placed over the small opening on the spine of the roof in the interim


Temporary Tarp was placed on the Howe School and broken windows were fixed. The roof will be permanently fixed sometime in the spring. 


The Town Manager's Office met with James Dangora, Ellen Rawlings, Sam Schauerman and Greg McClay about BATV moving into the Howe School. The action items that came out of this meeting were to set up a meeting with Town Counsel to go over a lease proposal, to work with CPC Committee to get the CPC application process started and adopt a community plan. Completing these two tasks would expedite applying for funding for a design study for the rehab of Howe School. If the Town were to move in this direction it would require action of the BOS and Town Meeting. However, the completion of this project is several years away.