Cabot Land Reuse Committee

In 2016 Billerica was awarded a $15,000 Planning Assistance Towards Housing (PATH) Grant that allowed the community to partner with an engineering firm, the BETA Group, to examine the Cabot Land; an approximately 40 acre site that the town had purchased in 2005. The hope was to determine if housing could go on the site (based upon zoning, deed restrictions, and site constraints) and how the community would feel about the development of the property.

BETA participated in multiple meetings with staff to develop concepts that demonstrated that there could be potential housing and other uses on the site. The revisions and staff feedback lead to a neighborhood meeting on June 22, 2017 where these concepts were presented to the public. There was spirited discussion on the proposed development of the site. The PATH Grant was a valuable tool to help Billerica provide information to our Cabot Land Reuse Committee; the members of this committee are tasked with determining the potential uses of the property. The concepts presented at the public meeting and at the first Cabot Land Reuse Committee meeting onOctober 11th are below.


Cabot Land Use Committee

Appointee Member
Housing Authority Robert Correnti
Conservation Commission Betsy Gallagher
Planning Board Vincent MacDonald
Finance Committee Mary K. McBride
Selectmen Michael S. Rosa 
Recreation Jim Spinale 
School Darlene Torre
Selectmen Appointee Dan Burns
Selectmen Appointee John Burrows 
Selectmen Appointee Donna Fitzgerald
Selectmen Appointee David Gagliardi
Selectmen Appointee Sandra Giroux
Selectmen Appointee Michael Riley