Zoning & Planned Unit Development FYI

Billerica's Master Plan identifies economic development as a goal for the community going forward. The goal can be accomplished while maintaining the character and open space of Billerica by slight zoning changes, and the new implementation of Planned Unit Development (PUD) Language. These changes can allow Billerica to remain as competitive as possible in the attraction and retention of new businesses. 

This webpage will provide residents with background information on the changes. If there are specific questions, please contact Rob Anderson, Community Development Director at 978-671-0963 or email at randerson@town.billerica.ma.us.

Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) promote a higher and better mix of uses while allowing a municipality the flexibility to focus development in areas beneficial to the community. The benefits include:

Focused, mixed development
Increased commercial activity
Greater site design standards for construction
Pedestrian and environmentally friendly
Significant tax revenue and lower infrastructure costs 

Read the:
Overview Document
* PUD Location #1 (map)
* PUD Location #2 (map)
* PUD Location #3 (map)

ZONING CHANGE - To change the parking requirements for Industrial Users
Read the: * Background and Proposed Language

ZONING CHANGE - To change Contractor's Yards from a By Right use to one requiring a Special Permit
Read the: * Background and Proposed Language

ZONING CHANGE - To change zoning for 581 Boston Road to encourage site cleanup and new development
Read the: * Background and Proposed Language