Open Board & Committee Positions


The Town of Billerica almost always has openings on a great many Boards, Committees, and Commissions.  And we need YOU to fill them!  Some positions are appointed by the Board of Selectmen, some by the Moderator, and some by the Town Manager, but all of them share in their critical importance to the Town.

Specifically, the Town Manager is the appointing authority for the:

  • Beautification Committee
  • Cemetery Commission
  • Board of Health
  • Family First Night Committee
  • Housing Partnership Committee
  • Public Library Board of Trustees
  • Recreation Commission
If you are interested in seeing present openings for any of the aforementioned committees, please feel free to visit the listing of vacancies.  The application for consideration can be downloaded there, or if you prefer, you can simply download it here.  Applicants should have some knowledge of Municipal Government.