Program Updates

Check out the variety of programs we have available.   Please note that most programs have registration deadlines and minimum/maximum enrollments.  All registrations are handled on a first-come-first-served basis.

Check out our  CURRENT PROGRAM GUIDE (SPRING/SUMMER 2017) New programs are still being planned so check back again for updates below or visit our program list on the ON-LINE Registration Page.

NEW PROGRAMS (Not included in current program guide)
Below are announcements for new programs that we have added since we published the program guide.  Click on the specific tab for information on Youth or Adult Programs!

You can register for these programs ON-LINE  or by submitting a registration form to the  Recreation Department.

If  you are asking for an exception to an age requirement for any particular program listed, please complete and submit a formal REQUEST FORM indicating the program name/number and reason for this. 
  1. Program Changes
  2. New Youth Programs
  3. Adult Programs


Programs that are scheduled after the seasonal program guide was posted will be announced here.