Historic Districts Commission

Kerri Rufo

              Next Meeting July 13, 2022 @7:00pm via zoom

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52 Concord Road-Minor-Porch repair

52 Concord Road-Porch Repair

Commission Overview

The Historic Districts Commission was established under the provisions of the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40C to oversee development with the Town of Billerica's historic districts. The four districts are known as the Center District, the North Billerica Mills District, the Corner District, and the Richardson's Mill District.

As a general rule, the Commission is empowered to review and approve any exterior changes to existing buildings within the district and to approve all new development.

Established by Board of Selectmen in 1973 - Not less than three (3) or more than seven (7) members. (Chapter 372, Acts of 1960). Re-established in 1988 by Board of Selectmen - (M.G.L. Chapter 40C, Section 4) - Not less than three (3) or more than seven (7) members appointed for terms of three (3) years each……(In 1990 - Became Billerica Historic District Commission). (Chapt. 40C, subsection 4 – Not more than seven (7) alternates). (3-Yr. Term)


The bylaw's purpose is to promote the educational, cultural, economic, and general welfare of the public through the preservation and protection of the distinctive characteristics of the buildings and places significant in the history and architectural heritage of the Town of Billerica, through the maintenance and improvement of settings for such buildings and places, through the encouragement of design compatible therewith, and through the prevention of development which would impair or be unduly detrimental to the locally or nationally significant structures of the districts.

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